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Nama:Terror Worker Vermak! Mr. ANTV's Intimate Matching October 23 2018 Eps 781
Durasi:82 mnt 46 dtk
Dipublikasikan:23 Oktober 2018
Description::Terror Worker Vermak! Mr. ANTV's Intimate Matching October 23 2018 Eps 781


Ela (35) is a traveling vermak levis, he is known for his hard work and his vermak results are very neat, it makes Ela have many customers. While her husband Edi (39) is unemployed who only relies on Ela's money. Every time Edi always takes Ela's money to pay her debts and play gambling.

One day Ella accidentally saw Edi together with Nia (35) a boutique owner, Ela was angry because Nia's own former boss could betray him behind him, while Nia didn't want to lose, all this time she had patiently relented, she and Edi loved each other, but since Ella's presence ruined everything. Edi also defended Nia and expelled Ella, Edi said she would marry Nia. Hearing that Ella was hurt and cried.

Until one day Nia was found dead in her boutique, all surprised not playing, Edi accused Ella. Ella tried to explain that she was innocent, but Edi did not believe it. Zein couldn't do anything because he was banned by the police from touching Nia's body.

And more to Zein's annoyance, Vanya is accused of being a murderer and taken to the police station. Zein also tried to find the culprit, even told Edi to confess.

But strangely, Nia's spirit often appeared and continued to terrorize Dewi Dewi until Dewi died and it was revealed that Ibu Dewi met Nia intending to bless her hub with Edi, but in return Nia paid for her treatment. But unfortunately Nia even insisted on Mother Dewi, she didn't need her blessing. Dewi's mother was upset and killed Nia then left.

While Edi felt shocked she was ashamed of Ella and felt that she had lost everything, Edi almost killed herself and was lucky to be helped by Ella, finally both of them took care of the funeral of Ibu Dewi.
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