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Nama:Sealynn Scouts: Town Musicians of Bremen You Watanabe UR (Love Live!: School Idol Festival)
Durasi:9 mnt 13 dtk
Dipublikasikan:05 November 2018
Description::I'm back with another scouting video!!! This is on my Main JP account that's on my laptop (Bluestacks) trying to scout for You's Town Musicians of Bremen UR!!!!

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Shin Seul
ID: 362078207
Leader/Partner: Rin Hoshizora (μ's) / Dia Kurosawa (Aqours)
✿ Developer | KLAB
✿ Genre | Rythm
✿ Website |
✿ Intro/Outro Song;;
Radar [Britney Spears] (Intro made by Sosouric) |
DNA {Bongo Cat Version} [BTS] (Endscreen made by Yoshiane) |
I don't own any images or music used in this video. Everything belongs to their respective owners! I only own my voice.
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