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Nama:Shaman King: Master of Spirits Video Walkthrough
Durasi:243 mnt 2 dtk
Dipublikasikan:04 Maret 2013
Description::At the request of KFHEWUI over at, I present to you a video walkthrough / playthrough / runthrough/ etc of the Game Boy Advance game Shaman King: Master of Spirits. I'm playing on hard mode.

As you can guess, this game is based on the anime/manga/etc of the same name. From what I understand, this game is a side story of sorts that happen outside of the canon. Or maybe they did include bits and pieces from the game into an episode or whatever, I have no clue...

Anyways, if you've played any of the GBA Castlevania games, you shouldn't have any problems with this game. It plays more like Aria of Sorrow, in that you collect souls that you can use to attack or gain stat boosts. It was a fairly easy game to play, as you'll see. Considering I"m playing on hard mode, I can just imagine how easy the normal mode is..

I'm pretty sure I collected all the EQ and souls. The game was easy enough, so I didn't bother really using the various attack souls. Obviously I didn't have too much of a hard time, so they weren't exactly needed, in my opinion...
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