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Nama:Penyimpangan Sexual, Karma ANTV 1 Maret 2018 Eps 47 ( Nita Thalia )
Durasi:124 mnt 32 dtk
Dipublikasikan:01 Maret 2018
Description::Karma is an ANTV reality show program that raises the true story of 31 participants by date of birth.

The participants have different story backgrounds from their birthrate.

The Karma program is hosted by the host Robby Purba and a paranormal Roy Kiyoshi.

Roy Kiyoshi has the ability to experience events in the past and the future through several media such as date of birth, pictures and writings and objects.

Robby Purba and Roy Kiyoshi will reveal three stories from the participants.

Roy will reveal the life of good karma and the bad karma that the participants have made.

Ever since it was first aired, Karma ANTV reality show program has stolen the attention of television viewers.

Although running late midnight, Karma lately managed to dominate the rating at the time slot.

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