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Nama:[MMD] Electrika Halloween special with Calne Ca and Deino Models+Download Links In the discription)
Durasi:2 mnt 30 dtk
Dipublikasikan:01 November 2014
Description::I know Halloween is over, but here are the downloads :D

Calne Miku Ca
And the others, which names i don't know
as download pack here:

Teto as Tubescreamer
as model pack here: I think thats the right Link, if not-comment

Karune Ca:

Karune Ca ver. 2: there is a zip pass, but I can't wirte it here, I don't know why, but it'll be in the video

Karune Miku Ca/bacterial Contamination:

Calne Ca Append:

Mukuro Ca/Skelet Calne:

Calne Ca:

Kaito Ca: http://mephiles--the---dark.deviantar...

Vy2 Ca:

Teto Ca:

Camera by AnimeFreak710
Motion is a copy of Butsudankamen's dance

Elektrika by ???
Sweet Dreams piano by Myuu
Suka ini ?: