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Nama:Birthday Party in Indonesia on Pelni Passenger Ship to Jakarta, Karaoke, Arriving to Tanjung Priok
Durasi:24 mnt 44 dtk
Dipublikasikan:16 April 2018
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I was wondering what to do on my birthday... Normally I should celebrate with my amazing mom. I thought and thought about it... And then decided it would be fun to celebrate my birthday on the Indonesia passenger ship called Pelni. Making friends is easy on this huge ship. This would be my 3rd time on this ship, and always love the experience. What really stands out on this ship is the smiles and warmth of the people, whether it be the staff or the local passengers. The route I chose was Batam to Jakarta. The size of the ship is like a cruise ship, but this isn't a luxurious cruise to Bali. This is a very local route, where you are likely to be the only tourist/foreigner.

I started out with buying 2 large cakes from Morning Bakery, and multiple boxes of these amazing tarts I found at Sun Bread Bakery at the Nagoya Hill Mall in Batam. Then we all got in a Grab taxi and headed for the ship to get to Jakarta. The 30 hour journey for 5 of us in 2nd class cost only about $200 USD. Love it.

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