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Nama:"Christmas around the World" live - Vánoce Vánoce přicházejí
Durasi:3 mnt 13 dtk
Dipublikasikan:09 November 2018
Description::A classic and very famous Czech Christmas carol interpreted by Irenka * & Santa's Trio in their Christmas concert in Clarksville, Tennessee.

As Irenka explains herself : “Christmas is an international Holiday that brings people together around the world. Different cultures have many variations when it comes to the Christmas dinner, gift giving traditions, and music, but in the end, the spirit of togetherness and celebration is the same. It’s about rejoicing with those who are closest to us. I wanted to create a show that demonstrates that, bridges the cultures, and brings us all closer together, we are one.”

Accompanied by a trio of veteran Nashville musicians, her Christmas concert alternates seamlessly between all four languages, between well-known internationally recognizable classics and distinctly foreign carols.
Irenka was born in the middle of three cultures growing up in the French speaking part of Belgium with a Czech mother and an American father. (She often laughs that the hardest question for her to answer is “where are you from?”). Drawing from her many travels, having celebrated Christmas in five different countries, Irenka punctuates her concert with stories, commentary, translations, tradition explanations, and of course European-style humor.


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